Whether you have a clear vision in your mind or are not quite sure where to start, our design services can offer you flexible solutions. We can help you choose from our three key services of sublimation, embroidery, or cut and sew, or even a combination to achieve your vision. 
Explore our services and let us help you get started. 


Guaranteed not to fade and pill

Guaranteed to hold shape

Colour Consistency

Custom designed to withstand everyday wear

All items designed for easy care

UPF Rating 50+

Wick Treated Cool Dri


Sublimation allows us to transfer unique graphic designs to fabric or material. This gives your uniforms, sportswear, workwear or any other clothing a truly unique style that will stand out from the crowd

    What do I need to know?

    • We can redesign school uniforms or replicate your current design
    • Choose from over 100 custom designs and 71 colours
    • Sublimated school logos available
    • Sizing from Kids 4 to 7XL Adults
    • Fabrics available: Ice Fill or Ultramesh
    • Available in standard and fitted garments
    • Self-fabric or custom collars
    • Moisture wicked fabrics
    • UPF Rating 50 +


    • Huge range of stock designs with four main pricing levels to choose from
    • Fabrics available: Ultramesh or Aerosport + Ice Feel 
    • Two sleeve styles
    • 19 fabric colours to choose from
    • Embroidered school logos available
    • Standard and fitted garments available
    • Self-fabric or custom collars
    • Sizing from Kids 4 to 7XL Adults


    Do you have a logo you want embroidered? Give us your digital logo and we’ll convert it to accurate and precise embroidery.

    All of our embroidery is done with the highest level of attention to detail to ensure that your brand is consistent across all areas. 

    Before we start production, we can make what we call a ‘stitch out’ so you can be sure your logo is exactly how you intended it to be.


    Choose from our range of 100+ designs

    Get creative and create your own designs with images, design elements, fonts and more

    Ask our graphic design team to design something new just for you!